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Welcome to Soul*ar Energy 10 Year Anniversary!!

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Soular “Energy Evolution”

gardenSoular Energy began in 1997 as a company performing holistic healing and wellness workshops. In 2001 the first light catcher was made from old chandelier parts and gemstones beginning a new path for Soular Energy. This year Soular Energy celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

PathThe evolution of Soular Energy has mirrored its founder's path and dedication to understanding the ancient and powerful unspoken language of symbology in the many ways that spirit communicates through nature and synchronicities, staying connected to the sacred in everyday life and finding tools which support that divine connection and sense of personal harmony.

Sacred SpaceMany times the tools did not exist or the esoteric information was hard to implement in a practical way and that is where Soular Energy found it's true niche; a niche of taking spiritual concepts and esoteric wisdom, and with the help of divine guidance, creating tools to garner spiritual growth, to aid in personal development, to gifts of meaning from the heart, to anchor sacred space and now to encourage participation in personal and planetary healing through the use of ceremony and celebration.


Energy Evolution: Earth Changes

High Frequency GemstonesWe are all undergoing an energy evolution at this time. Soular Energy recognizes the increasing distress in the world today due to 2012 prophecies and earth changes. To that end information is offered to explain the dynamics of what we are currently experiencing at this time in world history and what you can personally do to alleviate fear and channel that energy constructively into a positive outcome for all of humanity, the kingdoms of nature and Mother Earth. Also featured is esoteric wisdom from Ascended Master Kuthumi Agrippe (channelled through Michelle Eloff) on working with the 12 strands of DNA and High Frequency Crystals and gemstones.


Energy Evolution: Earth Healing

Medicine WheelIn the following pages you will learn how to can create more balance & harmony in your world and the world around you. There you will find not only products that have been steeped in positive energies and fashioned out of love, but also suggestions, tools and tips for personal and earth healing such as the Medicine Wheel/Sacred Circle Directory established to unite global healing efforts during this time of earth changes.





Energy Evolution: Products & Tools

Rainbow Quartz
Rainbow Quartz -
8th Strand of DNA
"Death & Awakenings"


Soular Energy products have been carefully designed using multiple symbols to create a powerful synergistic vibration, which can be used to support personal growth, harmonize personal space and create positive and protective energies. Products with their roots in ancient methods for harmonizing space and creating positive energy are available including Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Ceremonial Blessing Kits.





Energy Evolution: Anchoring Light


Light Catcher
Feng Shui Light Catcher
"Community & Family Harmony"

Soular Energy has been dedicated to working the spiritual aspects of light and colour in a passionate journey to help bring more light onto the earth and within the homes and personal space of those who inhabit her. To that end Soular Energy specializes in the creation of “Light Catchers” which capture the interplay of light and colour through the design elements of aurora borealis Swarovski crystal prisms, sacred geometry, faceted semi-precious gemstones, colour and the unspoken language of symbology woven into each piece.  “Light Catchers” are also available as Christmas ornaments as well.







Energy Evolution: High Frequency Jewelry


Herkimer Diamond –
12th Strand of DNA
“Infinite Light & Possibility”

Soular Energy Jewelry is fashioned with the synergistic use of colour and gemstones to create beautiful, aesthetically pleasing pieces to enhance both fashion and your sense of wellbeing. Crystals and semi-precious gemstone jewelry can be selected on visual appeal alone or purposefully chosen to attend to a particular concern or life issue.

Now, in response to the earth changes and the energy evolution underway, Soular Energy has created “High Frequency Jewelry” designed with crystals and gemstones embodying a higher fine vibrational frequency to assist the wearer in stepping up and maintaining higher frequencies of energy. Keeping your energy up is crucial during this time of mass changes and will help you to maintain your balance and stay clear of fear-based reactions while this global transition is under way.

In addition to the High Frequency Jewelry, you will also find a variety of other jewelry such as Angel bracelets & Earrings and zodiac jewelry. Custom orders and customer collaboration are always welcome. You are invited to visit the Custom Work gallery to see previous designs and learn more about the custom process.


Soular Energy Holistic Health Enterprises

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