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According to renowned author Doreen Virtue, Archangels are messengers from our creator who guide and oversee the realm of the guardian angels and also our human physical realm.  The Archangels have the powerful ability to help each of us simultaneously while offering their protection and guidance to bring about peace on earth.

Anyone can call on an Archangel for assistance. Doreen says in the Archangel Oracle Cards that "Just thinking an Archangel 's name is enough to call one to your side".  She recommends developing your relationship with them to receive healings, guidance and miracles in your life.  This relationship can be aided by working with the gemstone represented by each of the 15 Archangels.  Reviewing the chart below will help you determine which Archangel to choose depending on their area of "specialty" and also which gemstone or crystal to begin working with to deepen your connection to these ethereal messengers.




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Pale Pink

Archangel Ariel Light Catcher

Rose Quartz

Archangel Ariel Bracelet
Archangel Ariel Bracelet

'Lioness of God' - Helps with qualities of bravery, courage & focus with elegance. She will help boost your confidence. Involved with divine magic and miracles, she helps with manifestations and is the 'Master Manifestor'. Helps teachers, healers & service workers, protects the environment & heals animals.


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Vanilla Cream

Archangel Azrael Light Catcher

Yellow Calcite

Archangel Azrael  Bracelet

'Angel of Death' - Brings comfort & love to those who are grieving or dying. Brings messages from loved ones in heaven & helps them to make contact.

The gemstone Calcite with its creamy yellow is calibrated to Azrael's energy, so holding or wearing this gemstone may bring additional comfort.


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Pale Green


Archangel Chamuel Bracelet
Archangel Chamuel Earrings

"He who is with God" - Helps us to see clearly & find things, situations & people. Renowned for help in finding the best career. The Angel of Peace both personal & global.


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Archangel Gabriel Bracelet
Archangel Gabriel Earrings

'Messenger Angel' - Loves to coach & help with writing. Can open doors for publication & will help in the enjoyment of writing. Helps to find strength and connect with personal power. Reassures that it is safe to be powerful. Works with mothers & children & helps us connect with our inner child & play.


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Archangel Haniel  Moonstone & Blue Lace Agate Light Catcher

Archangel Haniel  Moonstone & Blue Lace Agate with Angel Wings Bracelet

'Glory of God' - Helps in connecting with divine magic and powerful cycles of the moon. Helps to groom hidden talents & find true passions. Helps us to appreciate ourselves and build self-worth honouring our cycles & moods - strengths & shadows.


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Eggplant Purple


Archangel Jeremial Bracelet
Archangel Jeremial Earrings

'Mercy of God' - Answered prayers, change - everything is happening for a reason. All is well. Helps to review life and take stock of where you have been. Helps us to heal patterns that are no longer working. Helps us to be merciful to our self/others.


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Deep Rose/ Magenta Pink

(Deep Pink Tourmaline)

Archangel Jophiel Bracelet
Archangel Jophiel Earrings

'Beauty of God' - Helps to clear clutter both mental & physical, negative thinking, clearing energy. Helps us to stay in Higher Self focus of bliss, love & joy. Encourages you to spend time in nature & experience more grace & peace in life.


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Violet/Sea Foam Green

Watermelon Tourmaline

Archangel Metatron Bracelet
Archangel Metatron Earrings

Angel of sacred geometry & numerology (Kabbalah). Helps to clear and open your chakras, cleaning psychic toxins from your body. Works with sensitive children, Indigos & Crystals. Helps to organize schedules to make time for activities that are close to your heart.


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Royal Blue & tinges of Royal Purple

Archangel Michael Light Catcher

Sugilite and Amethyst

Archangel Michael Bracelet

He who is like God' - Protection, escorts away lower energies in your space. Works with us while we sleep and enters our dreams to clear away fears. Helps with the qualities of love, power, strength & unwavering faith.


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Pale Blue


Archangel Raguel - Aquamarine & Amazonite Gemstones with Angel Wings

'Friend of God' - Clairsentience - helps to distinguish between your feelings and those of others. Guides us towards situations, people and places that have clear & loving energy. Guides us to act fairly and find win-win solutions. Helps to maintain harmony & order in relationships. Acts as mediator and helps to find creative solutions.


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Emerald Green

Archangel Raphael Light Catcher

Emerald/ Malachite

Archangel Raphael Bracelet

'Heavens Physician' - Gives guidance for a healthier lifestyle. Helps with anything requiring healing, relief from burdens, and Divine guidance through intuition, thoughts, ideas & dreams.


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All colours of the rainbow


Archangel Raziel Bracelet

Clairvoyance through dreams, images and inner sight. Helps us gain deeper spiritual understanding & apply it in practical ways. He will take you soul traveling in your dreams to discover truths & ancient wisdom that will become part of your subconscious & be with you when you wake up.


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Cool Turquoise


Archangel Sandalphon Bracelet
Archangel Sandalphon Earrings

Archangel of music & answered prayers. Helps with communication & expression so that you may speak your truth openly and that your words & actions are kind & gentle yet powerful. Take time for a gentle retreat to rejuvenate & connect with peace. Enjoy the present moment. He will help you live in integrity with your spiritual gifts of prophecy, healing & manifestation fully awakened.


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Pale Yellow


Archangel Uriel Bracelet
Archangel Uriel Earrings

Claircognizance - Divine ideas & intellectual guidance. Lights our pathway so we know which step to take next.


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Deep Indigo Blue

Lapis lazuli

Archangel Zadkiel - Lapis Lazuli Gemstones with Angel Wings
Archangel Zadkiel Earrings

'Mercy of God' - Compassion & forgiveness. Helps to release emotional toxins. Helps with Clairaudience through the brow chakra. Helps with memory & memorizing.

Download a printable version of the Archangels chart.


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