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While the notion of doing worldwide mediations for peace & healing is not a new one, the need for them, as we approach 2012 with the ongoing & escalating earth changes, is greater than ever before.  I have participated in worldwide healing meditations such as the 13 Grandmothers “Net of Life” or Shelley Yates Fire the Grid and many many more all sharing the common purpose of sending love and healing to planet earth.

The Vision

Download 2011 Calendar with Important Cosmic dates

Medicine Wheel Calendar

During meditation I received a clear directive to create a directory of people who had Medicine Wheels, Stone Circles or Spirit Circles on their property, in their homes or in nature that they worked with to send healing energy to the Earth Mother.

As I sent the sacred energy of my heart through
a grounding cord to the sacred heart of the Earth Mother, and then again sending the sacred heart energy upwards to the divine realms, a powerful cascade of divine light began to shower like fireworks from the heavens and a powerful well of coloured spirals and delighted love swelled upwards from deep within the Earth.

I asked that the energy be directed to the Medicine Wheel and as I did this I saw the energy begin to flow from around the wheel throughout a
grid of earth meridians and leylines lighting up and
enveloping the whole planet.

That power and vision left me speechless as I pondered the significance…and the message became crystal clear. There is to be a directory so that all Medicine Wheel, Stone Circles & Spirit Circles know of each other and then can work together by connecting the circles/wheels with each other (rather than in isolation) creating a very powerful stabilizing and healing network for our planet and her inhabitants.

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MWSC Directory Scheduled Global Healing Events

March 20th, 2011

Full Moon-Spring Equinox Ceremony – Ceremony Focus Japan & Nuclear reactors

Divine Confirmation of the Vision

Moments later I was researching leylines and Medicine Wheels on the internet and came across a site which sent a powerful bolt of knowing deep within. Gail Manning from wrote of a similar vision
that she had and enacted in 1992:

"In 1992 I created an auspicious design for a sacred wheel, using the numbers and principles of the Mayan Calendar: 13:20.  These energies are designed to bring all of humanity into balance, peace, harmony, and groundedness.  This unique design for a sacred wheel assists the population of the planet to move into natural cycles--13 lunar moons in one year--instead of the contrived Gregorian calendar which sent planetary energy into a downward spiral.  There was considerable vision, thought, and consultation with Elders before implementing these wheels.  The end result was that four 40' sacred wheels were constructed on the four directions around the capital city of Canada--Ottawa.  Many people were involved in this project, and the level of inspiration spread such that other wheels around North America were subsequently constructed.

Now, years later, we are ready for Phase II.  This level is about building more wheels globally, and energetically linking them together to form a Grid of Light.

My only concern was how to be assured that these sacred circles--circles which emanate Light--would be used with integrity.  Essentially, I cannot know.  But I do feel confident that the Laws of Karma, the current momentum of Light from the wheels already built and being built as I write, and the largely holistic group working with these wheels will sustain and overcome any attempt at negative use.

As new wheels are constructed, the core group of healers will energize them and link them globally.   The goal is to create a network of Light that can be used for personal healing, empowerment, and balance, and for global peace.

This is the first time I have ever offered a project of this level to people I have not actually met.  Yet I feel that the importance of this project--which was preceded by a vision--is sufficient to warrant this approach."

Gail Manning 1992


Construction of our Medicine Wheel
Construction of our Medicine Wheel
Construction of our Medicine Wheel

Our Medicne Wheel Story – The Construction  

We received a strong impulse in 2002 to construct a medicine wheel aromatherapy garden to use for ceremonies & celebration.  We used large blocks of Rose Quartz to anchor the 4 directions and invited people to place prayer stones around the center of the tree with hearted shaped leaves planted in the middle.

We then chose a unique assortment of plants for the beauty and properties such as Nicotania (Flowering tobacco plant) as tobacco is a sacred offering in First Nations customs as well as Lavender, Rosemary & Geranium for their healing properties.

We further marked each of the directions (North South, East & West) with prayer sticks with colours ribbons which had prayers & good wishes imbued within each one.
The majority of the wheel was constructed from intuition, synchronicities & divine guidance with added help from E. Barrie Kavasch’s The “Medicine Wheel Garden”.


Our Medicne Wheel Story – The Journey

Over the years we spent a lot of time in quiet reflection at the wheel connecting with the archetypal wisdom contained in this powerful structure…seeking answers, clarity & direction from the ancestors, the divine beings and earth herself.  We noticed that the garden grew exponentially and where there were European chafer larva in our neighbours lawns destroyed by the crows, skunks & raccoons that fed off of them…in ours there were none.  It was as if the space had become sacred & protected by forces on high.

drumWe learned how to make shamanic hand drums and drummed Reiki symbols in and throughout the garden.  A flicker gave its life one day when dying it found its way into Sue’s suite.  We watched over it and gave it Reiki to ease its transition and then gave it a burial in a local forest and thanked it for the feathers that it had left behind. As a member of the Woodpecker family the Flickers tap or drum for their food.  The Flickers message was for us to awaken to new rhythms, spiritual growth & creative changes. So in honour of the Flicker we placed its bright orange feathers on our drum stick so that his message would always be remembered.  


Medicine Wheel Flicker Flicker Feathers

We hosted numerous drumming circles on various power days such 7:7:7, Performed full and new moon rituals for clearing, manifesting and giving thanks.  We have done journeys to the drum where both myself and my housemate Sue have had nearly identical journeys where we entered the underworld via the tree in the Medicine Wheel.  This Sacred Wheel that started as a ‘notion’ or ‘impulse’ in 2002 has grown into a powerful anchor of light and is ready to do the work needed in this age of earth changes during the approach to 2012.

And so are we.

Medicine wheel Susan drumming near the medicine wheel
Medicine wheel




Our Medicne Wheel Story – The Vision; The Science & The bigger Picture

One of the key elements in the vision, besides uniting the people & wheels/Circles together as a collective healing force, was to learn, understand and use the sacred power of the heart to do so.  To do that one has to know how to monitor & activate the frequency of love within their hearts and to keep it flowing.

Love – The Core frequency

Love is the core frequency or energy which Creator used when he made all living things. The heart contains powerful energy and its attendant wisdom.  It is the home of our soul.  Its communication is through the language feelings & emotions also known as heart frequencies.  The higher heart frequencies are emotive states such as love, compassion, care, peace & gratitude.

The Institute of Heart Math

One evening Sue & I had the good fortune to see Gregg Braden speak and during his presentation he introduced the audience to the concept of Heart Math.  They explained that certain thoughts and attitudes would result in the draining of your energy and loss of your heart connection.  In order to re-establish that connection, through mindful awareness, one had only to reconnect with the heart through the heart frequencies of love, care, forgiveness & appreciation.

Now this conscious ability to monitor and activate the higher heart frequencies is a powerful ability to master.  According to the Institute of Heart Math the heart power radiating a frequency of love & appreciation holistically affects your entire being by putting your energy field into a pattern coherence which is aesthetically ordered, synchronized and balanced.  This coherence has the power to bring all your bodily systems, brain, mind, emotions and intuition into harmonized synchronicity.  Further, if you have mastered the ability to entrain yourself to connect with the higher heart frequencies then you have a positive influence to those around you as they fall into sympathetic resonance with your harmonized energy. 

The Institute of Heart Math is taking this concept of sympathetic resonance even further with their “The Global Coherence Initiative”.  Using advanced sensing technology, under development at The Heart Math Institute they hope to prove that the earth’s magnetic energy field is affected by human emotion both positive and negative. This possibility has even greater impact if we are to heal the planet and avert potential catastrophes suggested in 2012 prophecies.The Global Coherence Monitoring System (GCMS) will consist of approximately 12 sensors strategically located around the world. This system will enable a new level of scientific inquiry into the relationship between the earth’s magnetic field, collective human emotions and behaviors, and planetary changes.

Another one of the programs being spear-headed by Heart Math Institute is the Global Coherence Initiative.  This is another that has specific relevance to the creation of heart resonance through the medicine wheel/stone circles collective healing force.
Through The Global Coherence Initiative, the Heart Math Institute is empowering people worldwide with knowledge to mobilize love, care and compassion to create a better world.  Already, people around the world are engaged in elevating personal and community coherence, teaching family, friends, colleagues and others how to ease through the current earth and planetary changes.

The GCMS will allow us to test the hypotheses that:

  • Strong collective human emotions are reflected in the earth’s field.
  • Groups of people in heart coherence can affect the earth’s field.
  • Changes in the earth’s field predict earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and similar planetary scale events, in order to give people advance warning.




Medicine Wheel/Stone Circles Collective Healing Force

World in our handsSo now that there is a basic understanding of the science and wisdom behind the sacred wisdom power of the heart…I will fill in the details of my vision as it relates to this project of creating a directory to link up people with Medicine Wheels & Stone Circles.

You see that day in meditation I was powering up my merkaba connection with the heart frequencies of joy & love.  My method for doing this is taken from the 2010 Olympic song “I Believe”, …for whenever I listen to the chorus of that song I instantly feel the wonder of that time…the feeling of unity, joy, well wishes, love, appreciation that always seem to unite the world during the Olympics as people the world over & media all tune in to the events.  This past Olympic – the Vancouver 2010 games was here in British Columbia where I live…and I felt myself pondering “Wow…I wonder what it would be like to live in a world that felt like this all the time”?  It made me wonder if it was possible and it made me want to believe in:

The Power of you and I
I believe in the power..
I believe in the power that comes
From a world brought together as one

I believe the time is right now
Stand tall and make the world proud
I believe together we'll fly
I believe in the power of you and I


Visionary Proposal

Wishing WellTo create a Collective Healing Force through a connected directory of people working with Medicine Wheels and Stone Circles either on their property, out in nature, or in their homes in rooms or table tops.  Further, that this Collective Healing Force work to master the access of the higher heart frequencies thereby attaining coherence so that the energy sent out into the world and to the Earth Mother via the stone circles is of the highest quality and potency; the core frequency that was used by creator when he made all living things.  That the higher heart frequency become the focus, that this sacred calling to heal & stabilize the earth be a priority especially when chaos or fear surfaces to distract.  It is a simple exercise and it is powerful.  Try it for yourself and share what you experience with others.

The Request

So I am looking for people to join this healing network whether they have a medicine wheel or not because they will be able to join through a table top stone circle just as effectively.  So please send this to anyone you think may be interested in helping out.
I have done much research into the science of the power of the sacred heart and will be providing more information on that as we go along, plus links and books on working with medicine wheels.  I will also endeavour to provide a feedback forum to share insights & experiences of the group members during our shared meditations to foster a deeper understanding and connectedness to the impact this energy work is having.
Blessings to all of you.

Please contact me if you are interested in joining.

Medicine Wheel


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